Video Community

Build and monetize your community

Put your audience in the spotlight by creating a community around your videos

Boost user engagement by giving your viewers a place to interact

Transform your viewers into fans by encouraging discussion and interaction. Create better content based on their behavior and feedback.

No user is left behind with our engaging, intelligent, and inclusive messaging system

Foster a strong bond with your audience.

Keep discussion alive even after your live stream ends.

With every new comment, you are creating new opportunities for user engagement.

No user left behind.

Build trust and give your content value that will drive leads

Give your brand the recognition it deserves. Create a community with members from all over the world and increase brand awareness, sales, and retention.

You are in control of your content and your data

Choose who you want to acess your content. Select from exclusive, private, or paywall options.

Share videos and playlists securely with passwords

Full control of who can embed your content on websites

Create private projects for your team and keep progress with comments

API integration and Paywall

Encrypted Cloud Data using the latest on CMS headless technology

Customized user profiles & avatars

With profiles and avatars, your users can share their personalities and shine! Create a legion of loyal brand ambassadors that will share your content in the other communities they are part of.

Real-time interactions

Add extra value to your content by hosting a live chat during your live streams.

Include your audience in the conversation with FanHero’s live chat. Keep them engaged while in control of all interactions, right next to your live stream’s video player.

Grow an online community around your video content today

Build trust and give your content value that will drive leads

Boost user engagement rates by giving your viewers a voice

Create brand ambassadors from all over the world

Increase sales and retention

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