Video Edge Delivery

All your users,
connected at once

Reach your audience in real-time with high-quality streaming. The FanHero Video Technology Cloud takes care of everything video-related so you can focus on what you do best: content.

Cross the internet with one click

Our system automatically identifies the location of your users to deliver the content as close to them as possible. The results are higher video quality, lower latency, and a better experience.

We do the heavy lifting for you

All you have to do is upload the content and we will package it, route it, and hand-deliver it to your users without you having to move a finger.

Grow and scale your content without ever worrying about it

Growing too fast? No problem! We love more users. FanHero delivers videos to one or millions of users at the same time.
Our Video Edge Cloud technology uses smart routing to service to users in their location.

Lightning fast and secure

Deliver and record incredibly fast, high-quality, and secure live video for all network conditions.

Local Video
Global Distribution

With over 70 points of distribution throughout the globe, your video will not fail.

Live streaming
to the masses, resolved

No more spotty streams. With stream health monitoring, backup stream, a live support team, and uptime SLA, FanHero is your end-to-end solution for video, internal communications, VOD, and live streaming.

High quality
and high resolution

With FanHero adaptive streaming, every person in your audience gets the best viewing experience, on any device, from anywhere.

reach your audience with fanhero

reach your audience with fanhero


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